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Ou-jima, Okinawa 10

Ou-jima, Okinawa

Chris Barnes

Ou-jima (Ou Island) is a small fishing village located in Southern Okinawa with a road perimeter of only 1.6 kilometers.

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Kotohiki Beach

Kotohiki Beach

Robert Kodama

Discover a beach paradise in the Kyoto Prefecture complete with an outdoor bath on the beach!

Kyoto 1
Ieshima Islands: Welcome Home

Ieshima Islands: Welcome Home

Bryan Baier

“Ieshima” means “Home Island.” After waiting out a storm in the safety of Ieshima’s harbors around 600 BCE, Japan’s legendary ..

Hyogo 1
Tashirojima Cat Island

Tashirojima Cat Island

Brian Takahashi

Come visit a Cat Island in Miyagi Prefecture, Japan. Tashirojima is the place to feed and play with cats, stay in Cat Cabins, and..

Miyagi 2
Tokyo’s Treasure Islands

Tokyo’s Treasure Islands


The eleven treasure islands off the coast of Tokyo are home to a variety of unique flora and fauna.

Tokyo 9