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Adachi Fireworks

Adachi Fireworks

Late Jul

Annually over 600,000 people assemble to watch one of the most popular firework festivals by the Arakawa river in Tokyo's Adachi..

Tokyo, Arakawa River 1 Free
Aokigahara 14


Tinka Weener

Aokigahara is a forest that lies at the base of Mount Fuji, less than 100 miles west of Tokyo. Locally, it is also known under the..

Yamanashi 3
Kujukushima National Park 6

Kujukushima National Park

Mandy Bartok

Sasebo's Kujukushima National Park features over 200 islands in a pristine setting, accessible only via a cruise from the mainland...

Nagasaki 2
Goshiki-numa 10


Brian Wood-Koiwa

Out of a deadly volcanic eruption in July 1888, came the beautiful and surreal colors of the Goshiki-numa or Five-Colored Ponds

Fukushima 2
Akamatsu's Unique Firework Festival

Akamatsu's Unique Firework Festival

Early Aug

Akamatsu shrine's fireworks event, which is considered an offering at the shrine, is a traditional festival called the "Blow..

Tokushima, Akamatsu Shrine.. 4 Free
Zao Snow Monster Festival

Zao Snow Monster Festival

Early Feb

The Zao Snow Monsters rival Nagano's Snow Monkeys in popularity and they are one of Japan's winter attractions not to be..

Yamagata, Mount Zao 2 Free