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Cherry Blossoms at Inuyama Castle

Sakura viewing on top and below the castle

Not far from Nagoya is Inuyama, a small town famous for its’ castle. A small castle which has the same name as the city, Inuyama castle. It is one of the many places for viewing cherry blossoms. In spring the cherry blossoms bloom beautifully around the castle.

Inuyama castle is one of the oldest castles in Japan. Built in 1537, it has survived many natural disasters and still stands until today. It also is one of the four castles designated a national treasure.

You can spot the castle from far away, because it is located on a small hill. Visitors can venture up to the top floor. Each floor will feature many items such as household utensils, pictures of people who used to live in the castle, the castle history, with some pictures comparing it to other castles built in the same period.

The stairs that lead up are quite steep. But if you go up to the top, it’s worth the risk to climb up each step, because you will have a 360 degrees view of the city, beautiful views of the Kiso River and houses below, and the cherry trees scattered around the castle. If the weather is good you will see people sitting on the red benches under the cherry trees all around the area. In addition, there is a service in front of the castle that offers free photographs to tourists.

Admission fee is 500 yen. You can travel from Nagoya Station on the Meitetsu Line to the Inuyamayuen station and walk to the castle. This will be closer to walk to the castle than getting off at Inuyama station. But you also can get off at Inuyama station and walk through a long street lined with shops, souvenir shops, restaurants, mochi and green tea shops, one of the snacks famous here in Inuyama.

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