Beautiful tulips at Gifu's Kiso Sansen Park (Photo: Alpsdake/CC By SA 4.0)
Beautiful tulips at Gifu's Kiso Sansen Park (Photo: Alpsdake/CC By SA 4.0)
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Kiso Sansen Park Tulip Festival

An abundance of tulips in Gifu

The annual Kiso Sansen Park Tulip Festival in Gifu shows off an abundance of tulips in numerous colors and varieties. As there are early, mid, and late blooming tulips at the park, visitors have a wider timeframe in which to catch their beauty.

Another beautiful thing about the park here is that there are cherry blossom trees planted in close proximity to the tulips. If the tulips happen to bloom early enough, you can enjoy the beauty of them both!

Do note that like any flower festival, the dates can be subject to change depending on blooming conditions. It's advisable to check the official website before you plan on attending, but typically the event runs from early through late April.

Getting there

Gifu's Kiso Sansen Park is located around a 10 minute drive from the Nagashima IC. or a 15 minute drive from the Yatomi IC on the Higashimeihan Expressway.

For those utilizing public transport, take the city bus from Ishizu Station on the Kintetsu Yoro Line. Alight at the Chisui Jinja Mae stop and the park is just a couple of minutes away on foot.

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