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Little World Inuyama

Enjoy a globally unique open air museum

The presentation of several countries different cultures in this open air museum alongside the lush greenery lets you experience how it is to be in that particular country without leaving Japan. The indoors exhibition has approximately 6000 materials gathered from 70 countries and consists of five themes including evolution, technology, language, society and value. Learn the culture of each country and imagine yourself wearing those countries' ethnic dresses.

The open air exhibition is a 2.5 km route which covers 33 buildings from 22 countries along it. You can have a taste of those countries' ethnic food at restaurants in each area. Experience their way of life, transportation and even how they look!

You want to try wearing those ethnic dresses? Sure thing! You can wear traditional costumes from France, Germany, Korea and so on. It has been a grand hit with tourists.

The admission fee ranges from ¥1,600 for adults/college students, ¥,200 for senior citizens (over 65 years old), high school/foreign students for ¥1,000, junior high school students and primary school pupils for ¥600 and children over 3 years old for ¥300.

You can go by train and bus from Nagoya to Inuyama via Mietetsu Railway (30 minutes) and from Inuyama to Little World by Gifu Bus, heading for Little World (20 Minutes). By car, you can get off Chuo-Express Highway at Komaki-Higashi I.C. and drive into Owari-Park-way until Imai I.C (3 minutes). All sign in Japanese Kanji characters so be sure to note your destination.

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