Nagoya TV Tower at Night

A spire of light when the sun goes down

By Daniel Vesey    - 2 min read

Nagoya TV Tower is an impressive view in the day, but even more so at night. It might not provide the same hard-hitting impact that the views from Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building give, but nonetheless it has its own identity and Nagoya is still a splendid view at night with an abundance of glimmering lights. 

It is like a glowing Eiffel Tower, a fusion of Japanese and Western architecture, that has a very powerful aura when the sun goes down. The Oasis 21, which changes color when it pleases, also adds to the energetic and sparkling tone with its alien-like presence. Inside of this spaceship-shaped building are restaurants, stores, and a bus terminal. The surrounding area has a very romantic feel to it, and is very well known for its intimate setting. While walking through, there are many couples dotted around enjoying the atmospheric ambience. 

It costs ¥700 to get to the top of the tower, and it is open from 10:00 to 22:00 (to 21:00 from January to March). It is worth going to the top, but if you don't fancy doing so, it is still good when staying on the ground and enjoying the view, while relaxing in the area that surrounds it.  

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