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Oga Aquarium Gao

From the polar cap to the coral reef

​Oga Aquarium GAO is located at the Oga Peninsula, a hour’s drive north of Akita City and home of Namahage, a legendary monster. Despite its secluded location, just over 50 minutes by train ride on the Oga line from JR Akita station and then a local bus from Hadachi Station for another 60 minutes, it is definitely worth a visit if you are in the peninsula.

In the aquarium, you will find fishes and other aquatic life from different ecosystems around the world. For instance, there are fishes from the Amazon, salt water fish from the world oceans and the highlight for many guests, Milk and its family of polar bears. The amazing part about the aquarium is definitely the panoramic view of the five meter high aquarium tank that houses everything from eels to turtles.

The jellyfish tank was an eye opener as you get to see dozens of jelly fishes, translucent and elegant, floating and pushing its body with up and down movements, like a dancer swaying in the breeze. You can also venture out to the lookout point of the mighty Oga peninsula and take in the fresh sea breeze.

Entrance to the aquarium is 1000 yen. You can also enjoy lunch here from 11am to 3pm (3:30pm on weekends), or take advantage of the street vendors stationed outside the aquarium selling oysters, takoyaki octopus balls and kakigori shaved ice for dessert.

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