The Fuji glamp site from Hoshinoya (Photo: Hoshinoya )
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The Best Glampsites in Japan

Grab your wild side, it's time to go glamping!

Ah, the great outdoors!

Camping in Japan is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. And who doesn’t love a little R&R with nature?

Well, if you’re not a fan of sleeping on packed-dirt or cold sleeping bags or squeamish about creepy crawlies, then maybe camping isn’t your cup of tea. But how about glamping?

Glamorous camping, or glamping, has been a growing craze for many urbanites trying to escape the hustle and bustle of the city. And with the weather cooling off after summer, there’s no better time to get out of Japan’s many city centers and find a little slice of paradise in the country’s vast nature.

Here are some awesome glampsites (in no particular order) for you to pick from. And, just a heads up, many of these are valid for the Go to Travel campaign, so be sure to ask when you book!

First up, we’re hitting Shizuoka Prefecture. Not only does its close proximity to Tokyo make it an easy place to get to, but the first three sites on our list (all in Shizuoka) are a stone’s throw from Mount Fuji!

Izu Shaboten Village (Shizuoka)

Sitting around the campfire barbeque and enjoying the quiet cool of the night. Izu Shaboten Village boasts offers of “real relaxation”. With their windowed dome tents attached to small cabins and wooden decks perfect for BBQs and drinking with friends, you’ll fall in love with this charming site.

And with only 18 cabin-tents available, it’ll be soothing and quiet. The perfect salve for a busy life. All of the rooms are air-conditioned, and they even offer western or Japanese-style rooms (the Japanese rooms come with a heated kotatsu table). You’ll find open-air hot baths and an outdoor menu that’s sure to get you salivating, all within 5 minutes from some great attractions, like Izu Shaboten Zoo. Why not go play with some capybara while you go glamping?

Fujino Kirameki (Shizuoka)

Waking up to Mount Fuji or enjoying a crackling fire during sunset—those are the only decisions you’ll have to make when you visit Fujino Kirameki. Also located in beautiful Shizuoka Prefecture, this glampsite offers a quaint box of cabins that have a retractable tent ceiling and large windows. All of which affords you a clear view of the surrounding nature.

Photo: Fujino Kirameki

And with all the amenities inside the cabin, you’ll be hard-pressed to want to leave. With an in-house kitchen, outdoor jet bath jacuzzi, movie projector, and luxurious beds, it’s an all-in-one paradise. Contact them for information about wheelchair-accessible cabins. There are also dog-friendly cabins where your favorite pooch can stay with you!

Inn the Park (Shizuoka)

A forest full of softly glowing tents as the light of the setting sun filters through the forest. There’s nothing quite like camping unless you’re doing it in a suspended orb tent. That’s exactly what you’ll find at Inn the Park in Shizuoka Prefecture. Boasting a glampsite that’s about the size of Yoyogi Park in Tokyo, this is a great place to enjoy the forest even during rainy weather.

Photo: Inn the Park

The floating tents can host up to two people, making for a cozy getaway—if you’re afraid of heights though, no fear, there are also domed tents on the ground. If you’re after something bigger, there are also cabins on the grounds. Every rental comes with a meal plan, so you can leave the planning to them! They also offer vegetarian and vegan meals.

Wild Beach (Chiba)

If glamp options are your heart’s desire and you just don’t have time to go far from the airport, consider Wild Beach in Chiba Prefecture. From classic tents and tipis to airstream metallic mobile campers, and warm woodsy cabins or military-style bunk beds covered in camouflage, Wild Beach offers something for everyone.

Photo: Wild Beach

Not only that, it’s only a 40-minute bus ride from Haneda Airport and right on the beach of Tokyo Bay. Get your fill of surf and sun (not to mention food in the form of a tasty barbeque) and then be back at the airport, ready to fly off to your next destination by the next morning. Talk about the perfect escape.

Nordisk Village (Nagasaki)

The beautiful Goto Islands house our next glampsite: the Nordisk Village in Nagasaki Prefecture offers a plethora of features for an almost spiritual camping experience. The Nordic-inspired decoration inside each of the large and spacious tents offers comfort while you’re on your expedition for relaxation.

Photo: Nordisk Village - Takayuki Arai

It’s a quiet retreat surrounded by nature, beaches, and churches and ruins from a time when Christianity was prohibited in Japan. Spend your days exploring the Goto Islands and then return to your glampsite to fill your stomach with healthy cuisine made from island ingredients. It’s sure to give you a deeper understanding of Japanese history and life.

Mongolia Village Tenger (Tochigi)

So, while it may not be your image of glamping per se, but the Mongolia Village Tenger in Tochigi Prefecture offers a historical spin and a show on camping—if that isn’t glamourous, then what is? Prepare yourself for a stay in a historically accurate yurt tent. Each one is able to accommodate six people.

Photo: Mongolia Village Tenger

And you might need to loosen your belt for the over-the-top portions of food that they have in store for you. Whether you want Mongolian-style barbeque or traditional Japanese hotpot, you’ll definitely get your fill. This glampsite also offers some great experiences, such as live Mongolian music, trying on traditional clothes, and even the chance to build a yurt.

Sana Mane (Kagawa)

Sana Mane’s glamp domes in Kagawa Prefecture sit beside the Seto Inland Sea on Naoshima Island. You’ll be drawn in by the island’s beautiful sights and sounds, as well as the scent of the sea breeze and the touch of gentle waves. You may fall so in love with Naoshima Island that you’ll have to stay a few nights—and Sana Mane is there for you.

Photo: Sana Mane

The simple yet elegant domed tents offer the perfect view of Naoshima’s natural wonders via the large, curtained windows. Each glamp dome sits on a wooden deck, and you’ll be sleeping in comfort on hotel-quality beds. And being right on the shore is no small perk either. Just don’t lose yourself to the lure of the waves too much.

Comorebi Cocoresort Glamping (Oita)

If you aren’t familiar with Oita Prefecture, then it’s time to change that. With some of Japan’s best hot springs and even a Sanrio theme park, Harmonyland, Oita has plenty to offer travelers. And what better place to stay than in the heart of Oita’s nature at Comorebi? Their gorgeous glamp tents suit the surrounding nature perfectly.

Photo: Comorebi Cocoresort

Each tent sits on its own private wooden deck and overlooks the valley, mountains, and forest. This little village of glamp tents provides perfect comfort with lush cushions and cozy beds. All of this within walking distance to the Comorebi onsen—and even an on-site bar, yeah, sign us up, please.

Our final two destinations are a little different in that they offer several locations! Choose the best place to spend your holiday in glamping luxury.

Pica Resort (Yamanashi/ Shizuoka/ Kanagawa/ Saitama)

Pica Resort’s list of properties covers a whopping four prefectures; with locations in Yamanashi, Shizuoka, Kanagawa, and Saitama, you’ll be able to choose the perfect getaway.

Photo: Pica Fujiyama

As you might guess, their Yamanashi sites offer some spectacular views of Mount Fuji. The same is true for the Shizuoka glampsites. Kanagawa’s Pica Sagami Lake offers the chance for a much-needed respite from Yokohama and Tokyo. And Saitama’s Chichibu site will find you nestled in a picture-perfect forest cabin.

You can choose from RV campers, cabins, tents, villas, and cottages. Your hardest decision will be choosing just one place to stay.

PICA Fujiyama's Newest Campsite

PICA Fujiyama's Newest Campsite

An easy trip from Kawaguchiko Station, PICA Fujiyama's forest campsite is an easy and unique choice for those looking to rough..


Hoshinoya (Nagano/ Kyoto/ Yamanashi/ Okinawa/ Tokyo)

Welcome to the pinnacle of glamping. Hoshinoya boasts six properties in Japan: Karuizawa (Nagano), Kyoto (Kyoto), Fuji (Yamanashi), Taketomi Island (Yaeyama, Okinawa), Okinawa (Nakagami, Okinawa), and Tokyo (Otemachi, Tokyo). These are rentals for the person who just can’t handle a tent for camping, indeed these are more hotel than glamp. Their Fuji location offers the most traditional glamp experience.

Karuizawa glamping with Hoshinoya
Karuizawa glamping with Hoshinoya (Photo: Hoshinoya)

These exquisite cabins resemble traditional Japanese inns and hotels more than they do any semblance of a tent. That’s not to say there isn’t any charm to the experience because there most certainly is! With lakeside cabins and close proximity to amazing sights and destinations, Hoshinoya offers glamping options that are truly glamourous.



Hidden away in the valley of the Yukawa River, HOSHINOYA Karuizawa is a ryokan mixed with a luxury hotel and a spa retreat, an..

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