Dressy Dogs in Japan

Japan's dog care shows love towards pets

By Elena Lisina    - 2 min read

During my visits to Japan I never noticed any stray dogs. Once I watched a Japanese TV program about the strict rules of keeping dogs in Japan. Any dog must have an owner, but a stray dog is subject to euthanasia because hungry stray dog may be the threat of attack or intrusion.

For dog owners, rules are also strict – they must take care of a dog’s vaccination, healthy diet and good care of appearance. Walking with a dog in a public place the owner must pick up the excrement. Moreover, there are houses and areas where keeping dogs is not allowed because they can bother the neighbors or cause an allergy.

However there are many dog friendly places like public parks and walking trails. I’ve heard about cafes where dogs are welcomed (with owners, of course). What I found funny was watching dogs in strolls, like kids. Many Japanese treat doggies like kids, indeed.

I once visited Hitachi Seaside Park and watched a real “Dog Fashion Show”. The dogs’ owners made hairstyles, dressed their pets and took photos with blue flowers as the background. It was such fun to watch that! One girl tried to take a photo of two poodles in colorful vests together, but it was a hard job as the dogs were curious of what was going on and why there were so many dogs around! I also watched many dogs in colorful vests walking along Kamo river in Kyoto.

I marked that women of any age treat doggies as kids while men treat them as friends (and don’t dress). Also I noticed that dogs behave – they don’t bark, don’t climb, paw at or approach strangers and wait patiently if needed. Dogs are as disciplined as Japanese people!

I like the Japanese rules for keeping dogs because I feel pity for stray dogs, but can’t help them much. Seeing dog excrement everywhere is not pleasant, but one doesn't see such things in Japan.

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Elena Lisina

Elena Lisina @shiroi.tenshi

I love Japan very much! I like small towns of Japan where I can watch people doing their business and talk to them carefully. They're always friendly. I like Japanese gardens where I can just sit or walk and take my time. Also I like Shinto Jinja as being there I feel in peace. I like to watch sunsets and then to dine in some small local places. I like to soak into onsen after a long day of wandering. I like Japanese crafts very much as all items are made with great taste and skill. Nihon wo daisuki desuyo! My photos from Japan I also place here: https://gurushots.com/f10384/photos Matane!

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Kim B 2 months ago
So cute! When I lived in Tokyo, I think the sweetest thing I saw was a man and his dog both dressed in matching Union Jack sweaters. Adorable!
Kim B 2 months ago
It's definitely quite a difference when you see poodles, maltese, shih-tzus and little daschunds as the common ones here...especially when they are dressed up!