A Taste of Chiba’s Heritage

History, folklore and local treats

By Aya Irshaid    - 3 min read

Chiba Castle - Chiba City Folk Museum

One of the must see traditional architectures in Japan is the Japanese castle. For those who do not have the opportunity to visit Osaka or Nagoya, I recommend Chiba Castle.

Not only for the exterior, Chiba castle also provides an insight into the region’s history, folklore and local heritage, as well a panoramic view of the city from its 5th floor.

Chiba Castel - Chiba City Folk Museum
Chiba Castel - Chiba City Folk Museum
Chiba Castel - 5th Floor Observatory
Chiba Castel - 5th Floor Observatory

The journey takes under an hour from Asakusabashi Station in Tokyo to Kencho-Mae Station in Chiba. During which, you can enjoy the changes of the scenery from crowded city buildings to town houses, with more green and open spaces.

Upon arrival to Kencho-Mae Station, it is about a 7 minute uphill walk to reach the Museum. It can be seen from a distance as well and ia hard to miss.

Chiba Castel - From a distance
Chiba Castel - From a distance

The Museum also has various cultural activities and events like trying on Kimono (Traditional Japanese Clothes) and Samurai Armor on selected days. You can visit their website for more information about activities and opening days.

Another 20 minute ride back in the Tokyo direction is our next destination, Inage House.

Inage House - Chiba

Inage House - Entrance
Inage House - Entrance

This is another way to experience some of Chiba’s Heritage and Japanese architecture at the same time.

Inage House is a humble traditional Japanese house with an equally beautiful garden and a glimpse of history. Here you can peacefully sit back and enjoy the garden and imagine what it was like to live at that time and place.

Inage House - Garden
Inage House - Garden

It is only a 15 minute walk away from Inage station - Sobu Main Line. The station is about 40 minutes away from Tokyo, or 20 minutes back from Chiba Castle.

The location is also near Inage Seaside Park, if you want to end the journey with a fresh sea breeze :)

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Aya Irshaid

Aya Irshaid @aya.irshaid

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Elena Lisina 2 years ago
Beautifl Castle! And close to Tokyo. I'd like to visit it next time, thanks!
Elizabeth S 2 years ago
Experiencing armor or kimono, or both, at the castle is a real treat. Either will make you stand in a different posture. You’ll get a glimpse of a different era.

Chiba City has so many points of interest. It’s worth a day trip at least.
Sleiman Azizi a year ago
Elena, I just had a look and other than special exhibitions, yes you can. However no flashes or tripods are allowed.
Kim 2 years ago
The castle is gorgeous! I feel like Chiba is so underrated but has a ton to offer.
Sleiman Azizi a year ago
My eyes opened up to Chiba after a visit to Nokogiriyama and the giant Buddha reliefs carved into the mountain. At the time I couldn’t believe such things existed in Japan outside of the brand name tourist locations like Kamakura.