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After Arriving at Narita Airport, Head to the Skyliner and Keisei Information Center!

Keisei Electric Railway, the railway company operating trains between Tokyo and neighboring Chiba Prefecture, offers the fastest, easiest, and most efficient way to get into Tokyo from Narita Airport. Keisei Electric Railway’s trains, especially its Skyliner and Access Express, directly link the airport with numerous sites in central Tokyo.

Various transportation methods are available to access downtown Tokyo from Narita Airport including trains, buses, and taxis. The choice you will make will likely depend on time, budget and level of comfort required. The Keisei Skyliner fits in below taxis in price, is the fastest in transportation time, and is arguably the most comfortable option with reserved seating available and plenty of floor and baggage space. As a bonus the large windows and location of the track provide the best views of the surrounding countryside and urban lanscapes which helps in building the excitement of entering Japan's largest city for the first time.

Direct access to Tokyo

After you arrive in Narita, you can get on the train from within the airport. The Keisei Electric Railway ticket counter is in the SKYLINER & KEISEI INFORMATION CENTER is nearby the customs and baggage claim exit in the basement floor of all Narita terminals, so it’s easy to find upon arrival. Here you can purchase tickets and receive tourism information. From there, the Skyliner goes directly from Narita Airport to Nippori in the Tokyo metropolis area in 36 minutes, and to Ueno in 41 minutes*. If you think you’d like to purchase your tickets in advance, you can do so online. Tickets purchased online can be discounted ¥270, for a total of ¥2200 one way.

* This is the shortest available time from Narita Airport Terminal 2・3 Station.

Keisei Information Office
Keisei Information Office

Travelers can also use the Access Express for direct trains to tourism destinations such as Oshiage (SkyTree area, 47 minutes), Asakusa (location of the famed Sensoji temple, 51 minutes), upscale Nihombashi (luxury shopping district, 59 minutes), and Higashi Ginza (62 minutes, close to the Kabuki-za Theater), without a limited express ticket charge. And with a train change, stations like Shinjuku, Shibuya, and Ikebukuro are easily accessible.

Acess to all of your favorite Tokyo destinations - Tokyo SkyTree
Acess to all of your favorite Tokyo destinations - Tokyo SkyTree

Stay connected

Keisei Electric Railway offers free Wi-Fi in 15 of its train stations, so you can check a map or check in with a friend on the go. Additionally, travelers from abroad can show their passports at Narita when picking up their Skyliner tickets in order to receive an ID and password for Wi-Fi access aboard the Skyliner trains for nationwide Wi-Fi access points. And as a bonus, all passenger seats on the Skyliner have power outlets, so you can charge your device of choice while riding the train.

Train cabin
Train cabin

Further packages and discounts

Other special discount tickets are also available, such as the Keisei Skyliner & Tokyo Subway Ticket (Skyliner + subway ticket package). For example, for a 4 day/3 night stay in Tokyo, you can get the Skyliner round-trip ticket plus a 72 hour unlimited ride subway ticket for ¥5400, ¥2540 (Adult) less than it would cost to buy the tickets separately. The subway enables you to visit various Tokyo attractions, such as the National Museum of Western Art at Ueno Station, Sensoji (temple) at Asakusa Station, Tokyo Tower at Akabanebashi Station, the famous scramble crossing at Shibuya Station, and of course, much more. Other subway pass sets, in increments of 24 and 48 hours of unlimited use, are also available.

Keisei Skyliner
Keisei Skyliner
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