Harbor Circuit Indoor Karting

Go-kart racing with your friends or yourself

 Featured   Apr 16, 2012

Harbor Circuit in Chiba City is an indoor kart track where you can get your pulse racing and quench your need for speed. The facility is based on similar venues in the UK, the home of indoor karting. First-timers shouldn’t worry—all gear is available for rent and you don’t even need a driver’s license. All you need is a spark of curiosity.

Anyone over 130cm tall (regardless of age) can throw the pedal to the metal in a Sodi RX-7, equipped with a Honda GX270 engine and manufactured by France’s premier kart-maker. Top speeds reach up to 50 km/h! Seats and pedals are adjustable for your comfort, so foreigners need not be too concerned about the fit. There is also a smaller kart tailored for twelve-and-unders. Mounted with the Honda GX160 engine, the ‘FunKid’ is chain-driven, meaning it runs quietly enough to keep little eardrums intact.

A real-time ranking system allows groups of friends or family to compete against each other, and for individuals to race against their personal best times. Endurance races and time trials are held periodically at Harbor Circuit and are open to the public.​

Prices start at 1,980 yen for a single 6-minute ticket, with significant savings for buying in bulk (i.e. three tickets for 5,200; five for 7,800; 8 for 10,500). Group races of 5 or more people run 4,200 per entrant for the Mini Grand Prix and 5,500 per entrant for the Sprint Grand Prix. You can even reserve the whole course for 47,000 yen per hour on weekdays and 63,000 per hour at weekend and holidays. A trial pack for new admission includes the licence fee and 3 minutes for 1,500 yen. Parents and children (under 19) can buy tickets together at 3,200 yen for 2 (add 1,600 yen). A child ticket for a six-minute ride can be purchased for 1,480 yen (children must be in elementary school and over 118 cm tall. Most credit cards are acceptable. Admission to the facility is just 500 yen, and if you mention Metropolis magazine they will waive that fee!

You can enjoy your down time by drinking non-alcoholic beer and snacks. There are several tables with great window seating of the track so if you prefer to watch you can have just as much fun. There is no liquor as racers are not permitted to drive after drinking.

Safety is a top priority, with crash prevention brake lamps and coverings on engines and mufflers to prevent burns. This all makes it easier to fly round Harbor Circuit’s pumping course layout, complete with its flying junction and tunnel. Sharp corners and twisty turns test even the most experienced drivers, yet it’s beginner-friendly, too. Though first-timers probably won’t set any records the first time round, completing the course will bring satisfaction, relieve stress, and even provide a good workout. Once you try, you’ll be hooked.

Business Hours and Specials
Weekdays - 14:00-23:30
Weekend & Holidays - 10:00-23:30 (If weekday after holiday, we close at 21:30)
Sunday - 10:00-21:30 (If holiday on Monday, open until 23:30)

  • Final admission accepted 30 minutes before close. We are normally open every day.​
  • Every Wednesday is Ladies Day! Girls can enjoy the first session for 1,000 yen!

What is needed to drive?

  • Driver Pass: admission fee for 500 yen. No annual fee.
  • Sport shoes (no sandals)
    • We recommend wearing long-sleeved shirts and full length pants
    • Free rental service of helmet and face mask. You can bring your own helmet with full face and visor
    • Customers may also purchase their own face mask for 500 yen (optional)
    • Gloves are not necessary but we also have free rental service (or feel free to bring your own)

Points System

  • You will get a free coupon after collecting points!
  • You can see your points total on the receipt:
    • 1,000 yen for 10 points (Group race and reserving are not applicable.)
    • ​200 points for 1 free ticket
    • ​500 points for 3 free ticket
    • ​1000 points for 8 free ticket
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Andrew Choi 4 months ago
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Always wanted to try this !
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excellent. I would like to be there.
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JapanTravel Guest a year ago
Wow! I would love to do this
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Thanks for the info, especially about Ladies Day discount! Can bring friends and race other each. Stress releasing!