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A quiet getaway from Tokyo

By Tom Hanaway    - 1 min read

The southern tip of the Boso Peninsula, which includes the city of Minamiboso, is a quiet resort area that could become the next summer getaway for people in Tokyo wanting to get out of the city.

The region is easy to get to from Tokyo. You can take a car or bus straight through the Tokyo Bay Aqua-Line tunnel, or you can take trains through Chiba Prefecture in just a few hours.

Because Minamiboso is right on the water, there is a lot to see — and eat. You can visit beaches, check out temples, climb a few small mountains, or just rest and soak up the sun. There are also a wide variety of food options for seafood lovers, including crab, oysters and other shellfish.

In addition, there are several major festivals held throughout the year, including the Ama Festival which just celebrated its 50th anniversary. Make sure to catch this one as it's a lively event with flashy fireworks and a procession of divers swimming in the water.

If you are looking for a quiet and peaceful weekend away from the gray and crowded streets of Tokyo, Minamiboso is the perfect fit.

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