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Tateyama City's Nagisa no Eki

A michi no eki road station meets the shoreline

With over a thousand michi no eki, or road stations, Japan’s travelers have plenty of rest stops where they can take in the local scenery, stretch their legs, and learn about local culture. Most of these michi no eki are located on arterial roads, but what distinguishes Tateyama City's Nagisa no Eki is its proximity to water. Nagisa means the water’s edge, and this is where road trippers and cyclists find the intersection of human habitation, a well-traveled road, and the shoreline of Tokyo Bay.

Located on the southern coast of the Boso Peninsula in Tateyama City, Nagisa no Eki boasts Tateyama Sunset Pier, Japan’s longest at 500 meters extending out into Tokyo Bay. From the pier or the observation deck above the station, on clear days visitors can get a glimpse of Mount Fuji in the distance, and a panoramic view of Tateyama City and Tateyama Castle.

To give a sense of what is under the surface of Tokyo Bay, the Seaside Plaza has an aquarium with a rocky enclosure filled with fish. Ranged around the aquarium are tanks home to various species of aquatic life living just offshore.

Inside the station is Umi no Marche, a seafood market with fresh and local specialties. On the second floor, Tateyama Nagisa Shokudo, a dining hall, serves kaisendon, a mix of seafood over rice, and delectable fresh-caught sashimi.

Next door is Nagisa Museum filled with artifacts that document the history and tradition of the fisheries in Tateyama City. Here you can see the material culture of the local fishing industry unique to the region. A highlight is the exhibit of celebratory kimono for successful catches.

For the intrepid, the station is also a base for the cycling network in the Minamiboso region. Here you can rent a bicycle for the day, and for a nominal fee, return it to a different location and make your way back by train.

Getting there

Nagisa no Eki is a 15 minute walk west of Tateyama Station on the Uchibo Line.

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Elena Lisina 2 years ago
I love aquariums and always try not to miss them. At school, I wanted to be an oceanologist! :)
Elizabeth S Author 2 years ago
This one is free admission and has quite a few creatures to see.

When I get a chance, I'm going to try snorkeling offshore there. Okinoshima Beach in front of Nagisa no Eki.

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