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Whimsical or creepy, but definitely one of the weirdest places on Shikoku
The largest wooden structure in the world and iconic landmark of Nara city. 
Nezu Shrine in Bunkyo-ku is always worth a visit, thanks to its wonderful historical buildings nestled down in the hilly landscape, the torii path, as well as the beautiful and detailed decorations of the main hall. However, the highlight of the year is the Tsutsuji Matsuri, or Azalea Festival, which takes place every year from around mid-April until the beginning of May, when the azalea bushes start to bloom. I definitely recommend to try and go during the week; it's much more charming without the weekend crowds... Enjoy!
Let the hundreds and hundreds of years of this sacred location refresh your soul... Hōryū-ji, a place not to miss if you visit Nara!
Zuihoden is the mausoleum of the first feudal lord of Sendai. Its mausoleums feature rare Momoyama style architecture in a setting of calming cedar tress. 
Sandanbeki Cave is close to Wakayama's famous Shirahama Beach, at the bottom of a beautiful cliff-side view point. Visitors can explore this impressive cave that was once a hidden pirate's lair.
A large sakura festival is held every year at Yasukuni Shrine, and the historical significance of the location only adds to the splendor of the festival.
Kameido Tenjin Shrine is one of the few places in Tokyo—and the most popular one—, where you can see great wisteria from late April until the beginning of May.