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Chiba's Nokogiriyama is an little known day trip from Tokyo with thrilling views, an atmospheric hike through a forested temple and Japan's largest stone Buddha. 
Stone sculptures of the Chinese Zodiac animals in Narita Town
The Cherry Blossom Festival at Mobara Park in Chiba City is conducted annually from April 1st to 15th and is among the Top 100 places noted for cherry blossom viewing.
Onjuku is close to Tokyo, therefore cheap and convenient, but still has a lot to offer the casual traveler. The little town harbors a unique culture.
Popin' Cookin candy kits made by Kracie are so much fun to make. They make perfect souvenirs or stocking stuffers at Christmastime for children of all ages. A great learning activity and a reward within itself. The Popin’ Cookin Sushi kit is a must buy from Japan. It’s like magic! Once the various powders are mixed with water, the colors are so vibrant and produce shapes and designs that look so realistic and the taste is fantastic.
Mt. Saw Tooth, Chiba Prefecture: Day trip from the city for strenuous exercise, a history lesson, and some great view points for picture taking.
Tateyama Castle is just one of four castles in Chiba Prefecture. Also known as Hakkenden Museum, it is nestled among the lush, 66-meter high hilltop of Shiroyama Park. View exhibitions dedicated to the novel Nanso Satomi Hakkenden, “Legend of the Eight Dog Warriors.”