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Kamihawana Historical House

Kamihanawa Historical House in Noda City, Chiba Prefecture preserves an Edo Period soy sauce brewer's estate. Edo Period living quarters, a store house and a classic Japanese garden are open to the public.

Japanese Photo Booth “Purikura”

The Japanese photo booth, Purikura, is the ultimate "selfie" experience! Take self-portraits and group photos to a whole new level. Modify your skin tone, enhance your eyelashes, apply cute heart stamps, and more!

Chiba Shrine

The Chiba Shrine is proof that incredible beauty can be found even among the lesser known of Japan’s shrines.

Narita Town

Narita is not just an airport, but a nice town with Naritasan temple and Japanese garden.

Popin’ Cookin Candy Kits by Kracie

Popin' Cookin candy kits made by Kracie are so much fun to make. They make perfect souvenirs or stocking stuffers at Christmastime for children of all ages. A great learning activity and a reward within itself. The Popin’ Cookin Sushi kit is a must buy from Japan. It’s like magic! Once the various powders are mixed with water, the colors are so vibrant and produce shapes and designs that look so realistic and the taste is fantastic.

Mihama-en Japanese Garden

City life can be overwhelming sometimes, but in today's world where urban sprawl makes it harder and harder to find a place to get away from the buzz of it all, finding a

Jorakuzan Mantokuji Temple, Chiba

Jorakuzan Mantokuji Temple in Tateyama, Chiba, is where you can find the statue of reclining Buddha tucked away on a hill surrounded by beautiful shrubbery. Built in 1982, the bronze statue weighs in at 30 tons and is 16 meters wide. It is one of the largest reclining Buddha statues in eastern Asia.