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Noda City Museum and Mogi Residence

One of Noda City’s many heritage buildings associated with soy sauce production is the former Mogi Residence. This Taisho Period house is set in a strolling garden with tea house. Admission is free to the house and neighboring museum building which holds local history and art exhibits.

Onjuku Town and Beach

Onjuku is close to Tokyo, therefore cheap and convenient, but still has a lot to offer the casual traveler. The little town harbors a unique culture.

One Love Jamaica Festival

The One Love Jamaica festival is an annual summer event that will be held at Aeon Mall Makhuhari in Chiba this year. Come soak up the reggae, jerk chicken, and Bob Marley-themed tie-dye merchandise.

Kashiwa Matsuri

Kashiwa Matsuri is a huge festival with a wide range of street food, music, games, dance, and floats. Despite all the drinking and crowds, this is a safe festival for people and families of all ages.

Mihama-en Japanese Garden

City life can be overwhelming sometimes, but in today's world where urban sprawl makes it harder and harder to find a place to get away from the buzz of it all, finding a

Popin’ Cookin Candy Kits by Kracie

Popin' Cookin candy kits made by Kracie are so much fun to make. They make perfect souvenirs or stocking stuffers at Christmastime for children of all ages. A great learning activity and a reward within itself. The Popin’ Cookin Sushi kit is a must buy from Japan. It’s like magic! Once the various powders are mixed with water, the colors are so vibrant and produce shapes and designs that look so realistic and the taste is fantastic.