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Tunnels of wisteria blooms the length of a football field highlight one of Japan's most spectacular gardens.
It is definitely about atmosphere in Fukuoka City, about open-minded people full of energy, but the city has some great sights to offer, too. Here is the itinerary with my favorite spots!
Master kyudo, or Japanese archery, practitioners at Kokura Castle in Kitakyushu.
Mojiko Retro offers a beautiful walk through early 20th century history with shopping, local culinary delights, and modern fun in Kitakyushu.
Authentic kyudo, the Japanese martial art of archery, in all its finery at Kokura Castle
One of Kyushu's best-kept secrets: stroll through the stunning wisteria tunnels of Kawachi Fujien and enjoy the dazzling display of colour, light and shade.
Western Japan's largest museum of natural and human history houses fantastic fossils, robot dinosaurs, and local culture.
Akizuki, the historic center of Asakura in Fukuoka Prefecture, makes for a pleasant stroll among old buildings, shops, cafes, and remnants of the castle.