Café Kadan in Matsuyama

A restaurant with its own greenery

By Maki Starfield    - 3 min read

Close to the intersection between Okaido and Ichibancho near the Okaido tram stop is a glass-fronted shop with a big green banner with the characters 珈壇 (Kadan) in red. There are several potted plants arranged outside, which makes it look a lot like a gardening shop. In fact it’s a café.

Established in 2001, Café Kadan is one of the most well known café restaurants in Matsuyama. Café Kadan is what we call an oasis café with a lot of shrubs and flowers in pots.

The sandwiches at Café Kadan are really good and always freshly grilled. The sandwiches are prepared fresh in advance, and you can choose to have them cold or heated. Options range from breakfast toast to panini. There’s also a daily lunch menu, with a variety of little dishes served in a lacquered box. Their cheesecakes, chocolate cakes and pastries have an addictive quality. There are lots of dishes to choose from, all of them high quality. Last time I visited for lunch, I ordered the Mediterranean-style vegetable curry, which is billed as their most popular choice. It was a delicious blend of vegetables and beef with spicy curry sauce. The café is also known for its jako katsu burger. Instead of a hamburger, the ‘meat’ is a jakoten fish patty, a local specialty of Ehime, which is breaded and deep fried. It makes for a novel but very satisfying burger experience. Oh yeah, their coffee and tea is pretty good too!

The ambiance is really comfortable with a wide variety of seating options. There are sofas, 2-tops, long tables, and high tables. They have a section of workshops as well as a bookshelf. I felt as much at home there as I do in my own house! It’s elegant enough for coffee and cakes after work, but friendly enough to be inviting for families. The art featured here is nice too. The owner seems to be especially fond of the picture book writer, Midori Akita, whose words are as imaginative as her images. The baristas are all friendly and have clearly put a lot of effort into making the space really inviting and comfortable.

The cozy space at Café Kadan is ideal for intimate live concerts and performances. Look out for upcoming events!

At the ‘greenery restaurant’, a pleasant dining experience awaits you. I would definitely return.

Name in Japanese
珈琲専科 珈壇 — kōhī senka kadan — Café Kadan

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