Uwajima Daiichi Hotel

Business hotel close to Uwajima Castle

By Ekaterina Bespyatova    - 2 min read

This business hotel is located in the vicinity of Uwajima Castle, but can be reached on foot from Uwajima Station as well. It provides everything one needs for a comfortable stay at a reasonable price.

I stayed here on the seventh night of my Shikoku Pilgrimage road trip. I arrived late, when most of the guests have already checked-in, so the parking lot had exactly one spot left unoccupied. Embarrassingly, I wasn’t able to park there—too narrow, too little space for maneuvering. After watching me struggle for a couple of minutes the receptionist came out and offered help, for which I was extremely grateful. At a place where you pay 6,300 yen for a room with breakfast, parking guest's cars definitely isn’t in his scope of duties. And he didn’t park in that open spot, he parked in another garage across the street, which means this was hard for him too. Maybe I’m not such a terrible driver after all.

There aren’t many options for dinner around, and I didn’t see any convenience stores nearby when I was checking it on the map, so I stocked up on food before coming. The room had the usual set of tea-making gear and a fridge.

Uwajima Daiichi Hotel has a public bath—not a hot spring, but still it was one of the deciding factors for me when choosing a place to stay in Uwajima. I ended up not using it, though, because I had just visited a real hot spring on my way there. And in the morning I had to leave early, so I cannot attest to the quality of bathing facilities.

Breakfast was good, of nice variety and quality. After checking out I headed strait to Uwajima Castle, which is 300 meters away. Such proximity was another deciding factor for me in choosing this hotel. I’m happy with my stay here.

Getting there

An eight-minute walk from JR Uwajima Station.

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