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Echizen Tsuruki Soba Restaurant

In Fukui, buckwheat is usually grinded on a traditional mill stone slowly so it retains the flavor. As such, the soba had a stronger buckwheat taste than the usual ones. There are many others around, and every one is different. Do take time to find your own favorite Echizen soba!

The Seafood of Tojinbo

The Tojinbo area of Sakai City in Fukui Prefecture boasts of two things: its famous cliffs, and the seafood on sale along its streets. The seafood is succulent and absolutely bursting with flavour, and is worth every penny spent.

Kabuki-inspired Dining in Fukui

'Kaika-Tei sou・an', the annex of the old and established Japanese restaurant 'Kaika-Tei' in Fukui. This annexed restaurant was designed by the famous architect, Mr. Kengo Kuma, who renovated the recently re-opened Kabuki-za in Ginza, Tokyo. You can enjoy original, creative Japanese cuisine cooked by a master chef here.