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Tomita Melon House at Furano

While Tomita Lavender Farm is almost on every tourist itinerary, many miss out a hidden gem just next door, owned by the same Tomita family. For melon lovers, Tomita Melon House is a place not to be missed to get your melon fix. Hokkaido is known for its Yubari King melons, the most expensive melons in the world. However, although the melons sold here in Tomita Melon House are Furano melons, they taste equally sweet and refreshing.

Akkeshi Gourmet Park

Akkeshi, coming from the word “Akkekeshi” (an Ainu word), means a place with lots of oysters, and hence, Akkeshi town, in eastern Hokkaido is well known for its oysters. As it lies halfway between Kushiro and Nemuro, Akkeshi is a good rest stop on a long drive between the two bigger cities. For oyster fans, Roadside Station Akkeshi Gourmet Park is a worthwhile and awesome place to visit. Located along Route 44 or a five minute drive from JR Akkeshi train station on the Nemuro main line, this Roadside Station is the only one in the area. Roadside Stations are government designated rest areas along highways and major roads. While providing places for resting, roadside stations are also intended to promote local trade and boost tourism.