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Min Min restaurant

Min Min gyoza restaurant in Utsunomiya Station carpark offers a small but delicious menu for the hungry traveller passing through.

Kazan Stonebowl Ramen, Utsunomiya

Kazan is a chain restaurant. The name, Kazan, means volcano. At Kazan, your ramen cooks right in front of you in a heated stone bowl. You are given a paper placemat to hold up in front of you for protection while the server, with a flourish, pours the ramen into the bowl. “Swoosh!” a cloud of steam comes up. The ramen bubbles and steams for a minute or two, and then it's ready to spoon into a smaller bowl. Call it experiential dining.

Soba at Ishiyama

Nestled deep in the mountains of south-west Tochigi and just minutes from Izurusan Mangan-ji Temple is this hidden gem of a traditional soba restaurant, serving fresh, handmade inaka soba.