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Beauty of Daian-zenji Temple, Fukui

There is lots to see at this temple!

Wow, this temple is gorgeous! was the first thought that popped into my mind when I saw Daian-zenji Temple the other day. First, there was a lovely short hiking trail going up to the temple from the main gate and I was welcomed by wild hydrangeas in full bloom. Second, the iris garden. Third, the tombs of Fukui's Matsudaira Clan and the local poet Tachibana Akemi, then the temple itself. Inside the temple, there were many impressive statues that made me stop in my tracks, and other things also surprised and delighted me. One thing I regret was that I spent so much time OUTSIDE the temple exploring here and there in the woods and didn't have much time to explore INSIDE. Anyway, here are some photos from both inside and outside the temple, and I hope these photos will somehow induce you to visit, too!

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