Nishiyama Park Azalea Festival

Enjoy these colorful blooms in Fukui

May 1st
May 15th
Venue: Nishiyama Park, Fukui When: May 1st - May 15th 2021

The Nishiyama Park Azalea Festival is an annual event held in early May, where around 50,000 azaleas bloom in various shades of pink, purple, white, and red. The park itself is the perfect spot for a family-friendly day out, as there is also the Nishiyama Zoo on the park grounds. The zoo is free to enter - a rarity for many of the zoos in Japan - and is famous for its red pandas, which are the official symbol of Sabae City.

Come for the flowers, and stick around for the rest of the park's offerings!

Getting there

Nishiyama Park is located right next to the Nishiyama Kōen Station on the Fukui Railway's Fukubu line, or just a couple of minutes on foot from the Nishi Sabae Station on the same line.

Alternatively, for those who plan to drive to the venue, there are several free parking lots within the park grounds.

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