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Morohashi Museum of Modern Art

A look at the genius of surrealism

Deep in Fukushima Prefecture, nestled high in the mountains, lies a hidden gem: the Morohashi Museum of Modern Art. Everything about the museum calls to your inner artist. From the majestic scenic views that are breathtaking in every season, to the beautiful architecture of the museum itself, this is one spot that should be on every art lover's "must-see" list.

The museum grounds were meticulously maintained. Just outside of the museum is a large pond, that reflects the museum beautifully when the water is still enough. There are also some picnic tables and a rain shelter so you can bring a nice picnic lunch and enjoy a bit of sunshine and nature before entering the museum--which is exactly what I did when I visited. The museum grounds are also a popular spot for wedding ceremonies to be held during the summer. When I arrived, a wedding ceremony was just finishing up.

After enjoying the natural beauty outside, it is time to enter the museum itself. This museum has a very impressive collection and is famous for its hundreds of works by Salvador Dali. The collection contains a total of 394 works of art; of this, 332 are by Dali. I was most impressed with the number of sculptures by Dali. Many of the characters in the sculptures were also featured in sketches or paintings also contained within the permanent collection and it was very interesting to compare these to each other.

After I entered the museum and purchased my ticket, I was handed an informational brochure about the museum and about Dali. They had pamphlets available in both Japanese and English. The exhibits and the artwork descriptions were only in Japanese. The entrance to the permanent collection was also very interesting. On the wall, there was a gigantic close up shot of Dali's face; his mouth was wide open...and it was also the doorway you had to walk through to enter the exhibit hall. Definitly one of my favorite moments of the trip.

All in all, going to this museum was a great experience. If you are a fan of art, this is one place you must go when you visit Fukushima.

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Peter Sidell 5 years ago
Very cool! I really like Dali, so if I ever find my way up north to Fukushima I'll definitely go to this museum.
Justin Velgus 9 years ago
So many works by Dali!! This is great!

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