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Chapka Assurances — Travel Insurance for Your Stay

Prepare properly your trip to Japan

That's it! You just booked your stay in Japan. You start looking at your itinerary and your upcoming activities... Then, comes the moment when you wonder about whether or not you are insured in case something happens at the other end of the world.

What if I have a bicycle accident in Japan? Will my expenses be covered? What if my luggage is stolen?

Why insurance?

During a trip abroad, it’s always strongly recommended to subscribe to a travel insurance. Especially in Japan where medical costs are very expensive!Loss of identity papers, medical expenses further to an accident or a disease, repatriation... All these inconveniences (that we wouldn't wish to anyone!) can be easily taken care of and quickly forgotten if you purchase a travel insurance when preparing your stay in Japan.

It’s unfortunately not always easy to choose which travel insurance due to the large number of offers available and different terms and conditions.

What to look for?

To make a choice, several criteria must be primarily taken into account:

  • Reimbursement of medical expenses (don't forget to keep your receipts for reimbursement!)
  • Repatriation-assistance 24/24
  • Luggage insurance (in case of theft or damage by a professional transporter)
  • Civil liability
  • Travel Assistance (advance on bail, legal expenses, research and rescue expenses, early return of the insured...)

The price of these travel insurances usually varies depending on your age, the length of stay and the geographical area.

Chapka Insurance

The Cap Assistance 24/24 of Chapka Assurances may match your needs !

Chapka Assurances, is a trustworthy insurance broker, specialized in travel insurances since 2002. They provide an interesting value for money, a simplified subscription and a good coverage for worldwide travelers.

This assistance is for everyone: explorers, backpackers or holidaymakers for overseas trips of less than 90 days.

Benefits of Chapka

Here are Chapka’s benefits:

  • Repatriation-assistance 24/24: Real costs
  • Medical expenses and hospitalisation:
  • €75,000 in Europe
    €200,000 in the rest of the world except USA / Canada
    €500,000 in the rest of the world including USA / Canada
  • Early return of the insured
  • Search and rescue expenses: €4,500
  • Advance on bail: €15,000
  • Legal expenses: €3,000
  • Luggage insurance: up to €3,000 covers the loss or damage by the airline company / and theft in case of assault or burglary for the duration of the trip
  • Civil liability: €4,600,000
  • Accident benefit: €50,000
  • Holiday early termination insurance: refund of the unused ground services following your early return
  • “All reasons” cancellation insurance option : €8,000 max per person

For more information about prices and conditions of this offer, visit the page of CAP Assistance 24h / 24.


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Kim 5 years ago
Such an important reminder for travelers. Can't put a price on peace of mind!
Shri Bhagwan Sharma 7 years ago
Travel insurance is very necessary and critical concern for traveller. Lack of Proper knowledge, requirement and step to be follws are making confused to travellers. Here on japanTravel.com site, It is well described. Need of Insurance during japan visit, coverage, chapka insurance and benefit of chapka insurance , every things elaborated perfectly. It Excellent required communication. Travel and stay Insurance is really required for each traveller but ignored or forgotten by travellers. This passage is fully decoration and creating perfection in this site. Thanks for your good action.
Anonymous 7 years ago
informative, thank you for sharing.
Jihad Mahmoud 7 years ago
This is really a very important topic, forgotten by travelers.
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