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Japan Travel Bike: Cycle in Japan

Cycle in Japan's major cities by share bike

Japan Travel Bike ceased operation in August 2021 — we would like to thank our customers for their support over the last several years.

[July 30 2019] Japan Travel has launched a new way to access Japan's fleet of share/rental bikes, in partnership with Docomo Bikeshare. Japan Travel Bike provides a fast and friendly way to access Docomo's 5,000 share bikes and 350 bike ports around Tokyo—since expanding to Osaka, Nara, Oita, Yokohama, Sendai and Hiroshima too—providing a unique, convenient and fun way to travel around Japan's cities.

Freely explore the districts like Shinjuku and Shibuya, while enjoying the sights Tokyo has to offer on two wheels. Rent and return a bicycle at any station throughout the day.


We offer a One Day Pass, at just 1,500 yen, which is valid until midnight on the day of purchase. The English-friendly service is perfect for tourists and is simple and fast to use.

Welcome to JapanTravel.Bike
Welcome to JapanTravel.Bike

Guarantee a bike – pre-bookings now available

How to register

Getting started is easy — head to www.japantravel.bike to create an account. On the website, enter your name, email, and password. A confirmation email will be sent to you and from there, you can confirm your email address and sign in.

Buying a pass

You can then buy up to ten passes (per transaction) using your credit card on the website – perfect for families or small groups of friends. Once bought you’re all set to go.

Use your credit card to purchase the One Day Pass
Use your credit card to purchase the One Day Pass

Unlocking a bike

After you find an available bicycle, enter its bike number (e.g. TYO 0000) on the digital pass. A unqiue 4-digit Passcode number will then be generated. On the bike's control panel, touch the "Start" button to begin. Enter the code and the bike will automatically unlock, and you can now start exploring Tokyo.

Input the bike number to get your unique 4-digit passcode
Input the bike number to get your unique 4-digit passcode

Sample routes

Traditional Edo Route: Kudanshita > Tokyo Station > Akihabara

Head to the impressive Imperial Palace, where you can marvel at the architecture and ride through the open area in front of Nijubashi, the bridges that lead into the palace. After that, you can head to Tokyo Station for a break before going north to the anime and electronics mecca Akihabara to end your trip.

Photo: Abi Barber

Seaside Route: Shin-Kiba > Odaiba

Start pedalling from Shin-Kiba by the riverside, and head towards Odaiba via a scenic water route. At Odaiba, you can see the towering Gundam Unicorn statue, as well as ride across the sprawling complex to enjoy the sea breeze. With multiple bike parks in Odaiba, you can take a break any time and resume at your own pleasure.

Downtown: Yoyogi Park > Meiji Shrine > Omotesando > Shibuya

Starting at Yoyogi-Hachiman Station, enjoy the outdoors at the enormous Yoyogi Park, before cycling over to see one of the best shrines in Japan at Meiji Shrine. Cruise through the upscale shopping district at Omotesando and stop for tea before finishing off your ride at Shibuya.

Photo: Ignatius Koh

Bike Map

While Japan's trains are fast and efficient, many rides in Tokyo are underground and do not show the city's beauty. Hop on a bike and admire Tokyo's sights while enjoying the fresh air — perhaps you might discover a hidden gem that you would have missed if you had taken the train.

Cycling tips

When using a bicycle, please obey the following five rules for safe bicycle usage in Japan:

  1. In principle, bicycles must be used on the road, not on the sidewalk.

  2. Ride on the left-hand side of the road.(Riding on the right-hand side of the road is prohibited)

  3. Give way to pedestrians when riding on the sidewalk by riding slowly on the side closest to the road.

  4. Wearing helmet is recommended. (Helmets are a requirement for children 13 years or under)

  5. Obey these safety rules:

    • Do not ride while under the influence of alcohol.

    • Only one rider per bicycle.

    • Do not ride in parallel.

    • Use a light at night.

    • Obey traffic signals. Stop at traffic signals. Look both ways.

Our cycling rules in Japan guide explores the cycling laws in more detail.


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