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Daruma No Furusato Daimonya

Paint the whiskers on your own Daruma doll

Near Takasaki Station lies Daruma No Furusato Daimonya, a small factory for handmade Daruma. From Metropolitan Hotel, catch the JR bus heading to Shorinzan Temple at bus stop 4, and then a 10 minute walk. Here you will meet Norita-san, a man who has painted Daruma for 40 years. Choose your own Daruma in green, pink, blue or purple. On these Daruma are different Kanji. Daruma sold in stores have the symbol for prosperity (fuku), but here, they are tailored to what you really want: happiness (shiawase), grant wish (kanau), victory (hissho), and pass exam (kogaku). Although not as pretty as Norita-san’s, if you work hard and think deeply of your wish, it will hold more meaning than a Daruma you buy at the store.

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