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Cosy French style bistro -cheap & delicious food & wine

By JJ Walsh    - 3 min read

Aimee is a nice option for lunch or dinner if you are looking for great value lunch sets or an evening option that has a very reasonably priced wine selection and a la carte dishes to choose from. This European style bistro is one block over from Namiki-dori. It originally opened in 1997 and was named after the owner's daughter. To find it, look for the red awning in front just underneath which are two tables on the front terrace (for warm weather dining). Duck inside to find white molded walls, creative ironwork detailing and simple wooden furnishings.

The atmosphere is casual-chic and the food isn't too fancy either. Everything from a salad to a main course or dessert is well made and beautifully presented. The dishes are full of fresh and beautiful local produce and quality ingredients- comfort food at its best. For example, the purple potato and colorful paprika peppers given with the Bagne cauda dip and the savory mushrooms in the vegetable soup were unique and beautifully fresh.

There is a good selection of appetizers, salads, meat and fish dishes as well as fantastic desserts to choose from. There is a decent wine selection and the prices (even in the evening) are a real bargain. Wine by the glass is from 300~600 yen a glass. For the lunch set, I like that you can choose to include a glass of wine or a beer (non-alcoholic also available) as your drink if you choose. The set lunch offers excellent value for the high quality of food and service you receive. Rice options are also available, but as a carb fan, it was nice to see a European style restaurant in Japan that was generous with the bread. At lunch, there was a nice variety of breads in a basket to enjoy.

The lunch menu changes regularly but when we went we had a course of 2 entrees (appetizer), a main course: grilled meat or fish, a basket of breads, dessert and a drink for under 2,000 yen. The daily specials board changes by the season, but includes many reasonably priced a la carte dishes to choose from. Entree (appetizers) included quiche, rattatouille, bagne cauda, soups or salads. Main dishes of duck, beef, lamb or other meats from 600 yen per dish, and the desserts are all 350 yen. The wine selection is mostly European and is very reasonable starting from 300 yen per glass and bottles from 1800 yen. You could easily eat and drink here and feel satisfied for 2,000~5,000 per person at lunch or dinner.

Although the regular a la carte dinner menu is in English and Japanese, the wine and specials menu board is only written in Japanese. Some staff can speak a little English if needed. Variations and adjustments to dishes due to allergies or food preferences are quite easily made here if requested.

They are open everyday, for lunch 11:30-15:00 (last order) and dinner is from 18:00 until last order at 22:00. They accept reservations, and will offer set dinners for groups starting at 3,000 per person if ordered in advance. Inside there is seating for 28 people, outside for 8. Credit cards are accepted. There is no children's menu or child seating available but families are welcome. There is no parking available here.

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