Lopez, the master, in action (Photo: GetHiroshima)
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Lopez Okonomiyaki

Local food favorite with jalapeno peppers in Yokogawa

Lopez is a long-time ex-pat resident of Hiroshima who has been running this popular family run shop in Yokogawa for many years. Originally, Lopez trained under Hiroshima's most famous okonomiyaki master, Hassho. Over the years, he has gone on to train other budding chefs who have then continued on independently to open their own shops. In this way, Lopez has been adding his own personality to the legacy and community of Hiroshima's soul food.

Although his standard okonomiyaki dish (soba noodles, bacon, batter and vegetables covered in sauce) is the most popular with Japanese and ex-pat customers alike; Lopez original crepe creation is with the additional topping of jalapeno peppers. There are also a couple of side dishes available at this shop from Argentina.

Lopez, his wife and friendly staff work alongside each other taking orders and cooking the okonomiyaki crepes and side dishes on the hot grill in front of the customers. All the seating at this shop is along the grill, but you can ask for a plate to eat off of if it is too hot for you. The teppan-yaki vegetable and meat dishes cooked alongside the crepes are very popular additions to an okonomiyaki meal. Add a cold draught beer in a chilled glass and you have the perfect meal combination.

Lopez is very friendly with all the customers and easily changes his banter from Japanese to English to Spanish if the clientele is similarly diverse. It's very impressive. Also, as a proud father himself, this shop is very child friendly and they will offer you kids cutlery, cups and plates if you visit with little ones.

If you arrive and all the counter seats are full, sit in one of the seats behind and they will ask you how many people in your party. When spots open up, they will offer you a space at the grill where you can order your dinner. Not all the people in this waiting area will move to eat at the grill, as this is also a popular place to order take-out.


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Kim 5 years ago
Okay I HAVE to go here! Love jalapenos - and never thought about having them in okonomiyaki! A fun "fusion" dish from the sounds!
Mariko Kiyota 9 years ago
Ahh okonomiyaki with jalapeno peppers? Sounds like the perfect dish! I would love to eat some hybrid Japanese-Latin spicy food.