Baristart Coffee, Sapporo

Lattes in style in downtown Sapporo

By Peter Lin   Jul 30, 2017 - 1 min read

Baristart Coffee is a unique cafe in downtown Sapporo with great atmosphere and terrific coffee. The location is on a small street not far from Odori Park. Their lattes are made with milk from various regions of Hokkaido and may vary depending on the level of richness and taste. They also make espresso and pour-over coffee and all coffee drinks can be ordered hot or iced. The stylish decor is simple yet modern. Prices are fair, though the latte drinks are more expensive due to the uniqueness of the milk. Seating is limited to a small counter with four seats or an outdoor bench. The staff are friendly and helpful and make a point to get to know the customers. Coffee can be ordered to go or to enjoy inside the cafe. Stop in for a morning or mid-day caffeine buzz and casual conversation with the staff in this cool space.

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