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Hokkaido Jingu in Sapporo

Children celebrate Shichi-go-san at Hokkaido Jingu

The Hokkaido Jingu is a traditional Shinto shrine located in the middle of Maruyama Park. I visited during the first weekend of November, which was near November 15, the Shichi-go-san Festival for children. Young Japanese girls celebrate the Shichi-go-san Festival when they are 3 and 7 and boys when they are 3 and 5. The whole family is dressed to the nines with the children in traditional wear: kimonos for girls and haori jackets and hakama trousers for boys. It's a beautiful and heartwarming sight to see families gather at the shrine for the event. Other than Hokkaido Jingu, Maruyama Park is also home to Maruyama Zoo, so you can rest assured of a full day of fun at Maruyama Park.

Getting there

The park is a 5-minute walk from Maruyamakoen Station.

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