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Memanbetsu Airport, located in the Ozora area of northern Hokkaido, is an ideal gateway to see and experience the island's multifarious wildlife and beautiful landscapes. The airport itself sees more than one million passengers a year and has a variety of facilities including a tourist information center, cycle station, baby rooms, and a selection of restaurants that reflect the culinary history of the area.

The airport serves as a major jumping-off point for visitors to the glorious Shiretoko National Park which boasts drift ice, mountain ranges, bears, killer whales, and some very rare birds.

Another hotspot near the airport is Himawari Onsen where locals and tourists soak in the purifying hot springs and marvel at the dramatic view around them. Other highlights around Memanbetsu Airport include Asahigaoka Park, Memanbetsu Golf Course, and the vital Museum of Northern Peoples (Abashiri) where you can learn more about northern people from all over the world such as Sami, Nanai, Northwest Indians, and more local Okhotsk and Ainu cultures. Ainu are the indigenous people of Hokkaido with fascinating history and traditions; visiting the museum is an ideal way to learn more and immerse yourself in local culture.

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