Nakajimakoen in autumn

Autumn in Sapporo's southern Nakajimakoen

 By Valerie Kor   Nov 6, 2013

Nakajimakoen is gloriously beautiful in autumn. Golden-yellow and momiji-red hues produce a beautiful autumn scenery. The main pond, with its little ducks, is simply gorgeous. Watching dogs running ahead of their owners eagerly and children kicking up the dead leaves put a smile on my face. In early November, the temperature is a comfortable 15 degrees on a sunny day. To get to Nakajimakoen, take the subway 3 stops south to Nakajimakoen station from Sapporo station on the Nanboku line.

Photography by Valerie Kor
Japan Travel Member

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Elena Lisina 4 months ago
Beautiful autumn colors, indeed.
Victoria Vlisides a year ago
Super beautiful and lovely shots
Preethu a year ago
Great photos Valerie Kor :) Beautiful place.
Valerie Kor Photographer 3 years ago
I took it in I think on 2 November. :) Yes it snowed in Hokkaido already, I was caught in a mini snow storm on the second week of November in Asahikawa. The temperature just dropped from 15 to 0 within a day!
telloyd 3 years ago
Awesome photos Valerie. Must have been around October when you took these? I heard it snowed in Hokkaido already, after that mini-winter we had several weeks ago...