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Rebun From Sunset to Moonrise

A peaceful night hike on the hills of Rebun Island

The sun is setting on Rebun Island and the day is entering that time span commonly referred to as Golden Hour. The light acquires a warmer tone the closer the sun gets to the horizon. The shades of yellow slowly turn to orange. The view from the Momoiwa lookout (Peach Rock) is absolutely stunning. At an elevation of 228 meters you will see a very wide part of the island from south to north. Even in the height of summer, I am all alone. The trail that goes south toward the Motochi Lighthouse is deserted and my only companions are the bugs buzzing from one flower to the next. Nature here is untouched. The diversity of plants is beyond my comprehension and the steep slopes are dotted with flowers of every hue.

At dusk the light gradually fades to a colder blue. The dark silhouette of Rishiri Island stands out on the horizon and the first stars appear in the night sky. The moon finally rises, flooding the curvy hills with a pearl white light so intense that you can walk unaided by flashlight. The Milky Way is dimmed by the moonlight but the starry sky is still wonderful. The blue tones and the pitch black shadows make the place looks completely different from just a couple of hours earlier. The atmosphere is surreal. The silence is absolute. In every direction the majestic landscapes of Flower Island surround you and the full immersion in their pristine nature makes the experience unforgettable.

There are neither bears nor snakes on Rebun Island. A night walk on this island is like a fairy tale and you are free to explore it without fear from dangerous animals. Just remember to bring a flashlight and watch your step when walking the trail back to town.

Getting there

You can walk all the way up directly from Kafuka. Just follow the Momoiwa trail and you will reach the top in about 50 minutes. If you have a car you can drive all the way to the observatory parking. Alternatively, you can try to hitch a ride from the kind locals on the road that leads to the place.

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This place looks like heaven for a nature lover!
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It is!!! :)

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