Amanohashidate to Kobe by Train

Crossing the Tanba Mountains

 By Bonson Lam   Dec 10, 2016

Amanohashidate and Kobe are both popular attractions for visitors, especially second or third time visitors who have already visited Kyoto and Tokyo. On the other hand, very few travel between these two scenic ports by land, though cruise ships passengers have the option to sail between the two. A great way to see rural Japan is to cross the Tamba Mountains. At the castle town of Fukuchiyama, change to a limited express bound for Osaka. You will discover the beauty of soaring mountains, steep ravines and see first hand the peaceful scenery of farmers tending to their rice fields.

Photography by Bonson Lam
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Jihad Mahmoud 9 months ago
How long is the journey? and how much does it cost?
Bonson Lam Photographer 9 months ago
This scenic trip takes between 175 and 230 minutes, depending on whether you take the local or limited express train. The cost is between 5480 and 7100 yen. However, holders of the JR Kansai West Pass can ride for free, except for the portion between Amanohashidate and Fukuchiyama (770 yen). The 5 day pass is 8500 yen