Get discounted fares on the Ropeway (Photo: Ophelia Cai)
Get discounted fares on the Ropeway (Photo: Ophelia Cai)
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Discounts for Tourists in Kobe

The Kobe "Welcome Coupon"

The sixth largest city in Japan celebrates the 150th anniversary of the opening of its port this year. As one of the first Japanese cities to open to the outside world, it is an interesting cultural and architectural mix. Just check out their Chinatown complex, or the historical Western houses of Ijinkan Kitano cho to get a feel for yourself.

In celebration, the city is hosting a packed agenda of cultural events throughout the year and offering enticing discounts for tourists through their Kobe Welcome Coupon initiative.

What is the Kobe "Welcome Coupon"?

The Kobe Tourism Bureau have produced a coupon booklet, providing foreign tourists with discounts, benefits and complimentary access to a whole host of activities in Kobe.

To take advantage of the chance to access unique experiences at purse friendly prices, make sure to visit the Feel Kobe website or visit a Tourist Information Office (more info below).

Twelve coupons are provided, so from the list of 56 activities, you can pick 12 on which to use your coupons.

The current edition is valid from 1st April 2017 - 31st March 2018.

Where can I obtain my coupons?

Tourist Information Centers:

  • Kansai International Airport
  • Sannomiya
  • Shin-Kobe
  • Kitano
  • Arima Onsen

On the website:
Here you can print out your own copy of the booklet, as coupons downloaded from the Internet are also valid.

Top 5 Discounts:

Not all benefits are equal to others. From the slightly overwhelming list of 56 here are the top 5 most valuable discounts by monetary value (as at 1st April 2017):

  1. Suma Marine Fishing Park, Western Kobe: 50% off admission fee of 1,200 yen
  2. Uroko no Ie (Uroko Museum), Central Kobe: 50% off admission fee of 1,050 yen
  3. Hiraiso Marine Fishing Park, Western Kobe: 50% off admission fee of 1,000 yen
  4. Taiko no yu, Arima Onsen/ Mt Rokko: 400 yen off full price (full price is 2,400 on weekdays, 2,600 on weekends)
  5. The English House, Central Kobe: 50% off admission fee of 750 yen

Now go out and explore Kobe in 2017!

Things to note:
You may be asked to show your passport/ a copy of your passport
Coupons cannot be combined with other discounts

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