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Flower Kingdom in Kobe

Fascinating flower garden at Kobe Animal Kingdom

A visit to the Kobe Animal Kingdom was by a friend’s recommendation. Looking through the leaflet, I was interested in its interior, richly decorated with flowers that were hung upside down. So, I wanted to see the place very much.

My expectations were fully met far and above as the Kobe Animal Kingdom could also be called "Flower Kingdom." Unfortunately, I cannot remember the names of many of the flowers as I was more interested in their wonderful colors and shapes. The flowers are arranged not as a botanical garden, but a splendid decor that forms the place. I was really fascinated with it. For people who like flowers, it’s a real Flower Kingdom! If you admire flower gardens like I do, please also see my photo story on water lilies.

You can access Kobe Animal Kingdom by the Port Liner bound for the airport from Sannomiya Station, which is 14 minutes to the K Computer Mae Station (Kobe Animal Kingdom).

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