Nankin-machi in Kobe

Discovering Kobe's Chinatown

By Sara Pretelli    - 1 min read

Nankin-machi is located in Motomachi, a Chinatown in central Kobe. There are three archways, Changan Gate in the east, Xian Gate in the west, and Nanluo Gate in the south. The northern entrance does not have an archway but is guarded by a pair of lions.

Many restaurants and food stalls line the main street selling fried chicken, pork and chicken buns, gyoza dumplings, noodle dishes, sesame balls, as well as Chinese shops filled with souvenirs and clothes.

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Find out more about Kobe Chinatown (Nankinmachi).

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Elena Lisina 2 weeks ago
Nice video! I love Chinese cuisine.
JapanTravel Guest
JapanTravel Guest 5 years ago
Amazing video, makes you feel like being already there...
Sara Pretelli Videographer 5 years ago
thanks :)