Illuminated at night, the falls seem to hold secrets (Photo: Daigomachi Sightseeing)
Early Oct
Late Jan
Illuminated at night, the falls seem to hold secrets (Photo: Daigomachi Sightseeing)

Daigo Light-up Waterfall and Tunnel 2024-2025

Fukuroda Falls as you've never seen before

Venue: Fukuroda Falls When: Early Oct 2024 - Late Jan 2025

The Fukuroda Falls in Daigo are remarkable to see any time of year, however, visitors to the area are in for a special treat if they happen to visit during the Daigo Light event spanning from the end of autumn to the heart of winter. This is one seasonal illumination event that is very different from the others you might find around Japan.

Pass through a tunnel of light and arrive at the majestic waterfalls, lit up for winter. The stark contrast between shadow and water plays with your vision and creates a living ink painting. You’ll discover a new charming aspect of Fukuroda Falls created by the mysterious lights. This autumn/winter event is a popular spot for families and couples, as well as savvy photographers.

Like walking through a tunnel of stars
Like walking through a tunnel of stars (Photo: Daigomachi Sightseeing)

For a small admission fee (300 yen for adults, 150 yen for children), you’ll begin by entering the Hikari Tunnel. This light tunnel is spectacularly decorated with lights that will dazzle your imagination and spark joy during the cold months. Wander through various kaleidoscopes of light and color. From simple disco lights to refracted light through stained glass spheres, these incredible designs will awe all.

Marvel at the light and glass masterpieces
Marvel at the light and glass masterpieces (Photo: Daigomachi Sightseeing)

The light-up event has become a familiar winter feature in Daigo and increasingly popular, year by year. After exiting the tunnel, you’ll arrive at Fukuroda Falls; the falls are 120 meters tall and 73 meters wide. Their size is even more apparent when they’re illuminated against the darkness of night. The entirety of the falls and slopes of the different angles are lit up and many say the falls remind them of traditional sumi-e or ink paintings. What will you see when you look at the illuminated falls?

Viewing times vary by month, so be sure to visit the falls after sunset until 8 pm during November and until 7 pm during December to January. It’s an illumination you won’t soon forget.

Getting there

Fukuroda Falls is accessible by bus from Fukuroda Station on the Suigun Line or by car.

More info

Find out more about Fukuroda Falls.

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Lynda Hogan 3 years ago
I've only ever seen them during the day. I would love to see them lit up at night.
Elizabeth S 4 years ago
This is magical place in any light. It may look out of the way, but it’s worth the trip.

And there are some great places for soba and cafe fare nearby.
Kim 4 years ago
Super reasonable admission fee - awesome!
Sherilyn Siy 4 years ago
"Magical places are always beautiful and deserve to be contemplated. Waterfalls, mountains, and forests are all places where the spirits of Earth tend to play and laugh and speak to us." - Paulo Coelho in Brida.
Elena Lisina 4 years ago
Sugoi desu! Absolutely fantastic!!!

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