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Symmetrical Beauty at Kenrokuen

Karasaki Pine reflected on Kasumigaike Pond

On the first day of my trip to Hokuriku Region, I visited Kenrokuen Garden in Kanazawa City.

I was expecting to see beautiful trees with famous snow protection in a snow covered garden, but unfortunately it was a fine day and there was no snow to be seen in Kanazawa. Nature is whimsical! I left the snowy view for another time and decided to enjoy the lit-up garden instead. Kotoji Lantern and Karasaki Pine, the two major attractions of the garden, were reflected on the surface of Kasumigaike Pond, and as a night fell the magnificent symmetrical beauty was mirrored by the water.

Ancient City Kanazawa 1. Delicacies of Noto Peninsula 2. Drum Gate of New Kanazawa Station 3. Symmetrical Beauty at Kenrokuen 4. Stone Paved Streets of Kanazawa

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