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The Big Kannon in Kamaishi

A good attraction in Kamaishi with an incredible view

The big Kannon in Kamaishi is one of the main attractions in the city. It has been looking over the city for over 40 years. Being in a coastal city the Kannon symbolically holds a fish to remind people that it is protecting the city's fortunes.

Recently Kamaishi was named one of the 12 cities in Japan to hold the 2019 Rugby World Cup. Rugby has a long tradition in Kamaishi. The fact that they held the national title for 7 years in the early 80's certainly may have helped them get a place as a host city. The big Kannon is a deity that protects the city but it is also known as Goddess of Mercy. It is called Guanyin in China or Bodhisattva in India and Sri Lanka. Inside the big Kannon on the third floor, there are about 50 Japanese-style statues around the perimeter. All of the statues inside the Kannon are made of wood and as such take on more character over the years. In the Sri Lankan Pagoda we can distinctly see the difference in style of craft work not to mention different material.

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