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Easily the best cafe in Sanuki City

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Chocolat Chocolat is one of the best Japanese café restaurants that I have ever been to. Surprisingly, this gem is located not in the bustling city of Takamatsu but rather the smaller, countryside town of Shido in Sanuki City. The café is very popular and stands head and shoulders above all of the other cafés in Sanuki City.

The drinks are well-crafted and the ingredients are of great quality. The coffee is a house blend that they have roasted independently. The difference is apparent with the first drink. It is less acidic and has a fuller body than I find at most Japanese cafés. The foam on the lattes is very creamy and thick, and there is a big range of drinks on the menu. Various teas, fruit juices and smoothies abound.

The food is delicious. There are a lot of great sets to choose from. A unique aspect of Chocolat Chocolat is that they allow you to order off the breakfast or lunch menu all day long. Sets come with salad and crispy French fries. An extra ¥100 gets you some fantastic clam chowder, and an additional ¥200 on top of that will get you one of their premium desserts as well. The desserts are absolutely decadent. The chocolate is rich, the cream is fluffy and thick, the fruits are fresh, and the cakes are moist and sweet. When you order a set with a dessert, they bring you a random one each time. I have yet to get something that I don’t find a tasty delight. Take-out is also available for desserts.

The interior is both stylish and comfortable. Every seat is cushioned, and most of the tables have cozy couches to sit on. Everything is clean and well made, and it has the classy sort of feeling that would make this café a great place for a date.

Chocolat Chocolat is located right on route 11 within walking distance of JR Shido and Kotoden Shido stations and only a short drive away from the expressway exit ramp. There is plenty of parking, so long as it is not during peak hours like noon on a weekday or Sunday afternoons. 

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Victoria Vlisides 4 years ago
Wow looks like a hidden gem in Kagawa!