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Green India

The best curry around

Green India is a shining star of North Indian Cuisine, glittering brightly at the border of Shido and Mure. Being a bit far from the internationally-oriented Takamatsu City center, this jewel is unfortunately - due to the general Japanese abhorrence of spicy food - criminally underappreciated. This place is so good, though, that I find myself leaving Takamatsu and driving twenty minutes east just to eat here. There is plenty of parking, and it is located conveniently next to the Michi no Eki and across from a gas station so you can stop by during a road trip.

The greatest asset of Green India is, of course, the curry. The spice palette is extraordinary. Most Indian places merely have curry and tougarashi (cayenne pepper) as the crux of their flavor profile, skimping on the other spices. This is not the case here at Green India, where they spare no cost at making sure that every spoonful of their curry dishes meets the standards that any gourmand might demand. After eating here, you will have trouble going back to your usual curry house. I especially enjoy the vegetable curry which, unlike some places, has only freshly prepared vegetables. The naan is also spot on. It is crispy and flaky on the outside and soft and moist on the inside. The chai and lassi are also very good. I find the marker of a good chai tea is one that still tastes good without adding sugar, and Green India does not disappoint.

The menu is solid, with lots of things to choose from. The daily lunch menu has literally hundreds of possible combinations, where you can add on to get extra curry, extra salad, soup, different kinds of naan, and much more. Most of the lunch sets have a price hovering around ¥700, but with extra options or specialty lunch sets the price could go up to ¥1250.

During the day, the whole shop is often run exclusively by the owner-proprietor. He takes orders, cooks, and runs the shop all on his own. He has a heart of gold and the service, in addition to the food and price, will keep you coming back time and time again.

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Kim 5 years ago
Yum! Mouthwateringly delicious!
Anonymous 7 years ago
looks appetizing
Bronwyn O'Neill 7 years ago
Looks great Bret, it's good to be able to keep tabs on where to get the best curries on Shikoku!

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