Isso Beach, Yakushima

Beautiful beach in northern part of famous island

 By Victoria Vlisides   Oct 1, 2016

A pristine island beach in southern Japan, Isso Beach is a relaxing get-away while visiting Yakushima.

The island itself, located in Kagoshima Prefecture, is famous to many non-Japanese and Japanese alike because of the classic Studio Ghibli anime film "Princess Mononoke." Among Yakushima's vast nature are some outstanding beaches. Isso beach is a smaller, more secluded beach with clear, turquoise water and beautiful white sand. The water is perfect to swim in. It is a 15-minute cab ride from Miyanoura Port, the main port on the island and about a 35-minute drive from Anbo City. You can also take a bus there. 

Photography by Victoria Vlisides
Japan Travel Member

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