Yakushima Island

Trees, trees, trees

 By Josef Diermair   Jun 29, 2012

A very wise man once said: “While walking among these trees you have the feeling of the woods-not of separate individual trees with their particular shapes and forms-but rather of the entire quality of all the trees”. Yakushima really gives you the ultimate “tree-experience”. Highly recommended!

Photography by Josef Diermair
Japan Travel Member

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Elena Lisina a year ago
Really fantastic place! I'd like to visit it someday! Great photos!
Preethu a year ago
Looks nice place...
Victoria Vlisides a year ago
The last picture... Yes. I need to hike here!!
Catherine Hagar 5 years ago
Yakushima is one of my favorite places to go hiking: great scenery and challenging climbs. Did you get a chance to see Wilson's Stump? Your pictures are gorgeous. It's really hard to grasp the magnitude of the trees without actually being there.
Wouter Thielen 5 years ago
It is a place I definitely want to go to! I wonder which season is the best to go...