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Cruise Ship Hikawa Maru

The historical floating wonder at Yamashita Park

Resting proudly in Yokohama Bay across from Yamashita Park is the Hikawa Maru. This ship has lived an incredible life, serving as an ocean liner, cargo ship, hospital ship during wartime, and even youth hostel. It is most known for its glorious past as a cruise ship. The food, service, and ship were all top of the line with everything kept professional and sophisticated at all times. It was a legend during its heydays and attracted such famous passengers as imperial family members, headlining entertainers, and even American superstars such as baseball player Babe Ruth and comedian Charlie Chaplin.

The ship was made a cultural asset of the city and now welcomes guests to hop aboard for a self guided tour. Come see what luxury was last century while enjoying panoramic views of the harbor from the top decks.

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