Enjoy Japanese Lotus in Kamakura

Hachimangu Shrine in summer will take your breath away

By Larry Knipfing   Aug 10, 2014 - 1 min read

If you happen to be in Kamakura in the summer, especially from mid-July to mid-August, be sure to drop in at Hachimangu Shrine, not to see the shrine, but to see the lotus ponds! There are two ponds near the entrance to the shrine grounds from the street. The pond on the left is the smaller of the two and has only white flowers. I would recommend the pond on the right, which is much larger, has a pretty bridge, and which features mainly pink lotus. Last year, there weren't many lotus to be seen, but this year is much better, although not as it was, say 5-10 years ago. Find a place to sit and relax for 30 minutes or so, or if you are a serious photographer, at least an hour. 

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