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Golden Week in Yamashita Park

Spring holiday season around Yamashita

Each year we enjoy Golden Week, a week, a long spring holiday.

This year, the Yokohama Parade was held on a sunny hot day on May 3 around Yamashita Park. Some 350,000 people came to Yokohama to see the parade and enjoyed a gorgeous spring day. The parade included 68 groups and 3,500 people. Police officers were busily walking around the area to make sure all was safe. During the week, the 91,000-ton passenger ship, Celebrity Millennium, docked at Yokohama port and occupied the entire Osanbashi Pier, which drew many visitors to see the huge cruise ship. At Akarenga Park, Fruhlingsfest, a German Spring festival,was held until May 6. A cup of beer was about 1,000 yen and a plate of sausages 2,800 yen. They are not cheap. But it is nice to enjoy the holiday with a festive mood under the beautiful weather.

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