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Hakone Spring 2021

A one day adventure

It is Spring and the Sakura have reached their peak in the Kanto region of Japan. While keeping the covid precautions in mind, a one-day trip away from the city is much needed. There are many directions you can head, however Hakone is never a disappointment.

On April 1st, Miwa and I traveled to one of Japan’s best known tourist spots, Hakone. For 4,600 yen (about 42 dollars) you can buy the two-day Hakone Free Pass, which covers all transportation starting from Odawara. This includes the Tozan train, bus, cable car, ropeway, a sightseeing cruise, plus some attraction entrance fees and restaurant discounts.

We took the cable car to Gora Park, established in 1914. It is Japan’s first French style garden and has a tropical greenhouse and tea ceremony rooms, as well as workshop studios. The park is registered as a tangible cultural property. The cherry blossoms were still in bloom and provided a colorful background to the surrounding mountains.

Hakone Gora Park
Hakone Gora Park

Over to the ropeway for a stop at Owakudani, a volcanic valley, where you can observe and smell the active sulfur vents. We always buy the famous Kuro tamago hard-boiled eggs. First, they are slow boiled in a hot spring pool at 80 degrees Celsius (176 F) for sixty minutes, where the shell turns black from the hydrogen sulfide. Then transferred to a steam container for fifteen minutes at 100 degrees Celsius (212 F) to complete the process. Local legend has it that if you eat a Kuro tamago your life will be extended by seven years. With all the Kuro tamago I have eaten I expect to live for at least 200 years.

Owakundani Sulfur Fields
Owakundani Sulfur Fields

Back onto the ropeway down to Togendai for a Pirate Ship cruise across Lake Ashi. I always enjoy seeing the faces of the kids as they board the ship; even with masks on their eyes are filled with excitement. You can get off the first stop, Hakonemachi-ko Port, or continue on to Motohakone Port. We chose the second stop because it was getting close to lunchtime and I always like to visit the Ham and Sausage restaurant for their tasty sausage plate. With a full stomach we were ready to climb the stairs up to Hakone Shrine. Established in 757 at the summit of Mount Hakone, it was later moved to the shoreline of Lake Ashi. The shrine was recently refurbished and is very bright and colorful.

Queen Ashinoko Pirate Ship
Queen Ashinoko Pirate Ship

Finally, walk fifteen minutes to Onshi-Hakone Park, a registered place of beauty. There are several observation points overlooking the lake and many very nice walking pathways. At this park something is always in bloom, so a visit any time of the year will be rewarding.

Onshi Hakone Park
Onshi Hakone Park

Now it is late afternoon and you have the option of taking the bus back to Odawara or reversing your morning course to see if maybe the skies have cleared and you can catch a glimpse of Mt. Fuji. We chose the latter and no sooner had the ropeway car began to rise then the clouds moved in again. The winter months are the best time to come for a clear view of Fuji-san.

Mt Fuji taken from Hakone Ropeway in December
Mt Fuji taken from Hakone Ropeway in December

To see and experience everything at Hakone you will need several days. There are plenty of great museums and so many restaurants to choose from it will require many return trips.

Getting there

Take the train to Odawara and purchase the Hakone free pass at Odawara station using the ticket machines. Make sure to push the Odakyu button first. Prior to heading to Hakone get a Odakyu map/brochure from the information center and plot out your day's trip.

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Bonson Lam 2 years ago
The Sulphur fumes are amazing. Sounds like you had a great day trip.
Sherilyn Siy 2 years ago
A pirate ship! My kids would love to see this too.
Kim 2 years ago
Great spring color in your photos!
Elena Lisina 2 years ago
Beautiful shots! Spring is amazing time of a year! And you were lucky to catch Fuji-san!

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